Sports Floor Refinishing

Aside from sanding and refinishing residential and commercial wood flooring, Floormaster also restores sports floors. Whether you have a handball court, a gymnasium, a tennis court, or dance studio, Floormaster can take care of all your wood flooring needs.

— Sports floors are subjected to considerable wear and tear, and therefore require very advanced maintenance. Athletes, too, demand much of sports floors and of their maintenance. When restoring sports floors, we use the Bona Sportive System. This system is being used on approximately 300,000 m2 of sports flooring around the world, including FC Barcelona, which uses it in its new handball hall.

— We also offer a line marking service for sports floors. And because we use state-of-the-art game lining equipment, we can guarantee you will have straight game lines that are accurate, crisp, smooth and without bleeds.

— Floormaster’s professional Gap Filling Service is carried out using two different methods: Method One: Filling With Resin Gaps measuring up to 1-3 mm in width can be filled with a resin and dust mixture. This compound is applied with a spatula. Method Two: Using Strips Larger gaps are filled with strips of the type of wood that resemble the floor. They are then glued to the existing floorboards and finished to look like they are part of the original floor.

We are delighted with our restored floor. Floormaster did a superb job of restoring the floor in our local community hall. We are very pleased with the quality of work that was carried out.

Mary P Carty

Lisacul Handball Club, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon