Gap Filling

The right finish protects wood flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while giving the wood an attractive colour and sheen.

Gap filling a floor is an option that many people like since it brings a uniform finish to your wooden floor, creating a smooth and seamless visual appearance, and helping to exclude drafts.


Floormaster’s professional Gap Filling Service is carried out using two different methods: Method One: Filling With Resin Gaps measuring up to 1-3 mm in width can be filled with a resin and dust mixture. This compound is applied with a spatula. Method Two: Using Strips Larger gaps are filled with strips of the type of wood that resemble the floor. They are then glued to the existing floorboards and finished to look like they are part of the original floor.


The Pitch pine floors have been renewed and restored to their former glory. I am really pleased with the standard of workmanship and superb finish.
Fr Barry Hogg, President
St Mary's College, Galway